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Who we are

Ikigai Innovation Initiative is a non-profit organisation founded with the aim to promulgate diverse research on technology policy and legal frameworks across Africa. We also engage relevant stakeholders around the intersection of law, business and technology and advocate for better policies for the ecosystem at large. 

Our researchers work closely with government, stakeholders and ecosystem players, placing evidence and academic intuition at the heart of policymaking, while promoting digital rights and digital ethics.

Things we do

Research and Policy Formulation

We work and collaborate with leading research institutes, academia, organisations, civil society, individuals on policies affecting technology. We publish and contribute to whitepapers, reports, policy briefs, infographics, guides and guidance, academic journals and publications. We also make recommendations to legislative and regulatory frameworks affecting the technology ecosystem. 

Legislative and Policy Advocacy/Engagement

Through our partner network, we engage in the law and policy making process at the legislature, government ministries, departments and agencies. We make insightful contributions by acknowledging the interests of our clients and what is important for the growth of the ecosystem.

We also lend our voice to advocating for justice and prevention of technology harm. We drive engagement with regulators with evidence based research by pointing out risks and dangers, and advocating for a change. 

Policy Analysis

We provide rich and insightful review and analysis of legislative documents and policies. Our analysis focuses on the role of the regulator, key provisions and obligations, relationship with existing laws, impact on specific client’s business and a commentary. In addition, we also point out the loopholes in the policy.

Legislative Mapping and Tracking

We leverage our relationship with partners across the region to track proposed laws and policies and provide insights on how it could impact business operations. We also track the progress of Bills and Policies from introduction to final passage or publication.

Regulatory Impact Assessment

We provide insights that help to frame decisions whether to adopt or change laws and regulations on facts and evidence. We take into consideration all alternative solutions, which sometimes may include non-regulatory ones or simply doing nothing. 

We provide necessary information on costs and benefits to different stakeholders and analyse economic, environmental and social impacts of potential solutions. We also make consultations and engagements with stakeholders on all parts of the legislation-making process. We provide a systemic approach to critically assessing the positive and negative effects of proposed and existing regulations and non-regulatory alternatives.

Policy Drafting and Legislative Consulting 

We support both private and public organisations with drafting of policies and procedures required for their operations or to comply with existing legal requirements and global best practices. We are working closely with government agencies and have been consulted to develop policies. We have also participated in policy hackathons and co-develop policies. We are currently leading the initiative to draft the first Code of Corporate Governance for startups and MSMEs in Africa.

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Efforts so far

What We have Done

Digital Lending

The report was written in collaboration with NaijaSecForce, RegCompass, and

Tech Hive Advisory. It addressed the privacy, data protection, consumer protection, and cybersecurity issues in digital

lending in Nigeria.

Click here to download report


We have also filed complaints against digital lenders in Nigeria with regulators like the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Council (FCCPC), National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

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